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Menopause Hormone Testing Kit

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Wondering if your symptoms and menstrual changes indicate that menopause may be near? Our test will let you know what phase of menopause you are in.

Our test offers convenient, at-home sample collection, free-shipping, and personalized results sent to you via email. 

Our menopause test has been developed for people who were born with ovaries and are between the ages of 35 and 65 years old.

Due to state regulations we are unable to operate in New York and New Jersey at this time. 

We test your AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) which is the most accurate indicator of menopause. The AMH hormone a key indicator for testing your ovarian reserve (aka how many eggs you have in your ovaries) and can provide insight into what phase of menopause you are in, as well as overall menopause timing.

1. Purchase our hormone kit and have it shipped straight to your doorstep.

2. Your kit comes with a blood collection card, instructions and everything you need to collect your sample (a finger prick blood test), and a pre-paid shipping label.

3. Mail your sample to our certified lab with the provided prepaid shipping label. Your physician-reviewed sample will be analyzed at our lab.

4. 2 weeks after you send in your sample you can view your personalized report on your private and secure dashboard! 

There's no comparison

Typically, traditional lab testing is expensive, time-consuming, physician dependent (requires a doctor to order the test for you), and requires a whole vial of blood (ouch!)

We want to change that with an at-home hormone test that is:

1. Affordable

2. Convenient

3. Empowering


    The kit comes with a blood collection card, medical supplies for collecting your sample at home (like lancets and gauze), instructions on collecting your sample, a pre-paid shipping label to our lab, and a sweet treat!

    Once we receive your order, we will ship your kit within one week. You will be notified when your kit has been shipped.

    Your lab order is reviewed by a board-certified physician. Once your sample has been analyzed by our CLIA-certified lab partner, it is destroyed within 90 days. Your sample will ONLY be used to run an AMH assay to determine your menopause status.

    We take privacy seriously. Your results are kept anonymous and are only accessible by you on your HIPAA-compliant private dashboard.

    Absolutely! If you would like to share your menopause results, you can download your report has a PDF.

    Because the AMH hormone is stable throughout your menstrual cycle, you can collect your sample at any time of the month. Make sure you can drop your sample in the mail within 24 hours of collecting your sample.

    If you are in perimenopause, we recommend that you wait at least 90 days (3 months) before collecting another sample to track your AMH hormone.

    Because our kits include medical supplies, they can not be returned.