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Water-based Lube | Fertility-Friendly Lubricant | Single-use packs



  • The Lube by Natalist is a fertility-friendly, water-based personal lubricant for men, women, & couples (good for couples who are 
  • Natural fertility lube protects sperm & enhances the pleasure, intimacy, & ease of trying to conceive
  • Specialized formula balances pH levels, osmolality, & viscosity for optimal sperm health & protection
  • Pregnancy lubricant formulated for couples trying to conceive does not harm or slow down sperm
  • Clean, frictionless, paraben-free consistency ensures pleasurable baby-making for men & women

Details: FDA-cleared and fertility-friendly, The Lube is formulated to simulate the natural environment where sperm thrive—fertile cervical mucus. Protects Sperm Health The Lube is sperm-friendly because of its special formula: its pH, osmolality, and viscosity are “balanced” for sperm health. Unlike conventional lubricants, it will not harm or slow down sperm. Guarantees pleasurable baby-making. The Lube's clean, frictionless consistency preserves the fun and intimacy while making sure the swimmers are still winners. Paraben-free. Preliminary evidence from a study conducted at Harvard University linked high paraben build up in the body with reduced fertility. Stay paraben-free.